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Painting became a passion over twenty years ago and since then it has not diminished, in fact it has become stronger as time goes on.

I began exhibiting within my first year of painting, immediately winning awards, and over the years have exhibited in galleries, exhibitions and privately, selling both locally and abroad. However my work is now available on line in order to reach a wider audience.

The love of nature and the world around me is evident in my work, such as seascapes, landscapes, sunsets and skies but in the last few years I have included abstract art into my repertoire. It still tends to veer towards natural subjects but in a much looser way. I use most mediums, and change from one to the other depending on the subject matter or how I feel on a particular day.

I try not to be rigid in my approach to my painting, preferring to let the mood dictate the outcome, so letting the creative juices flow and develop is something that appeals to me. I still get excited placing a new canvas on the easel, like opening the first page of a book.

My art is continually developing and I feel that being self taught gives my work a personal touch and style, which I hope is conveyed to the viewer. Painting to me is a personal experience, I do not like to be influenced by anyone else to a great extent so have continued to progress in my own way. The icing on the cake is when someone else shows enjoyment for what I do.

Art is definitely something that has been pulling me closer over the years and I could not imagine life without is who I am.

Valerie Travers


Romance by Valerie Travers


Illumination by Valerie Travers


Seaspray by Valerie Travers


Starburst by Valerie Travers


Twilight by Valerie Travers


Beyond by Valerie Travers


Rocky Shore by Valerie Travers


Azure by Valerie Travers


Reflections by Valerie Travers


Feelings of Love by Valerie Travers


Beneath the Surface by Valerie Travers


The End of a Perfect Day by Valerie Travers


Symphony in Blue by Valerie Travers